out of home print campaign design for klarna x polo ralph lauren



Klarna (for AFFAIRS)

print design

master layout

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Throughout my time as a Designer at AFFAIRS, Klarna has been one of my main clients. For Klarna, I was responsible for ongoing production of both digital and printed materials, such as banners, social media content, and out-of-home campaigns. In addition to this, I have been in charge of motion design production and concept development. Many of Klarnas marketing efforts globally are tied in to leading brands in fashion, tech, and luxury goods. One of these successful partnerships is with Polo Ralph Lauren.

For Polo x Klarna, I was responsible for developing a layout concept for a print OOH campaign set to be staged in malls all across the United States. For strong, global brands like Klarna and Polo Ralph Lauren, with such distinctive identities, great emphasis is placed on high attention to detail, careful adherence to visual guidelines, and speedy production in close dialogue with stakeholders.

The wide range of different print sizes and formats in this project posed a challenge in making sure each layout is compelling. I solved these issues by experimenting and iterating on different typographic treatments, and by creatively using AI-assisted image extension to optimize the framing so all the copy is given the space it deserves.

Thanks to Klarna, I have strengthened my ability to efficiently manage extensive design projects for global brands that speak to a broad audience, without compromising on the quality of my deliverables.

out of home print campaign design for klarna x polo ralph lauren

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