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In 2022, AFFAIRS helped launch the sustainable fabric brand Circulose, created by Swedish textile recycling startup Renewcell. As part of the launch I was tasked with creating an animated logo to be used on social media and in case presentations. Together with Creative director Anders and Design lead Julia I helped conceptualize and sketch out three different animation concepts, each with a unique feel yet distinctly Circulose.

In order to explore these concepts further, I was responsible for producing animated drafts to get a feel for which animation we liked better. Once selected, I refined the animation step by step, leaving no pixel or frame untouched. All in all — a smooth, natural animation that embodies the spirit of the Circulose brand. Circular, smooth, and sustainable.

To present it in the best way, we added a rapid slideshow with photos from select Circulose partners in the fashion industry, illustrating the speed of innovation, the wide range of applications and large appeal for this completely new, circular and innovative material.

Made with AFFAIRS. Creative direction by Anders Jandér and Patrik Beskow. Design lead Julia Hermansson. Project lead was Lotta Lysell.

Motion Design for Circulose

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