DOOH design for Warner Music x Spotify



Warner Music (with AFFAIRS)

Graphic Design

Final Art

As part of the creative team at AFFAIRS, I assisted Warner Music Sweden with ongoing graphic design production, including designing ads for partners such as Spotify. In 2023, I was tasked with designing banners and DOOH originals for Spotify's launch campaign for Dua Lipa's new single. Typical for these production assignments are short deadlines, quick feedback rounds, and, of course, meticulous quality control.

I always enjoy delving into a client's graphic guidelines, and finding the essential elements that ensure that the design effectively conveys the message. Thanks to our collaboration with Warner, I had the opportunity to learn more about the working methods of record labels and other complex organizations with many stakeholders.

Made with AFFAIRS. Project lead for AFFAIRS was Albin Muji. Project lead at Warner Music was Sebastian Geels.

DOOH design for Warner Music x Spotify

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