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Norit is a cloud tech consultancy startup from Sundsvall, founded by the region's top experts in cloud solutions. Prior to launching in early 2024, I was brought on board to design a brand identity, toolbox and landing page in webflow which could grow with their business as it scales. Through a thoroughly considered brand foundation, our aim was to build trust and positive associations with both returning and new clients.

The challenge

The brief was simple — create a strong logotype with a local connection with a timeless shape that can live beyond trends. And pair it with a brand identity package and website that is modular, fits our heritage, is easy to grow with, and intuitive to use. With this in mind, I asked myself the question: How can I create a compelling and novel brand expression in a field where so many competitors look alike?

The idea

To find the answer, I looked back at the comapny's, as well as my own heritage, drawing inspiration from the nature and surroundings of Sundsvall and northern Sweden, like the mountains and valleys of the Sundsvall area.

I chose to combine these visual cues with the dynamic yet unmistakably retro vibe of ASCII art, familiar to those in tech circles.

As yet another visual cue to the brand's heritage, I chose a color palette that references both the blue of the Baltic sea coast where Sundsvall is located, contrasted with the iconic Northern lights. Combined, all these parts create tremendous visual contrast, while simultaneosly telling a story about Norit as a brand.

I call it Tech vs. Nature.

The solution

Drawing inspiration from both the worlds of tech and our local surroundings, I designed a complete and fully modular brand package consisting of a suite of flexible logotypes for print, digital and web, easy-to-use Linkedin templates built in Figma, as well as a fully fleged landing page built in Webflow CMS.

The team

created by studio malte wikström. project lead for norit was peter olofsson.

See the Webflow site at
brand identity & webflow cms site for norit

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